„If you’re ever in New York, please do drop by”

We are pleased to announce that the team of MúzeumDigitar has finally finished the digital processing of Miklós Müller and Jan S. Keithly Collection. (professor of biology, parasitologist) Fine Art Collection!

Together with Miklós, we started the digitization process in 2018. The more we got into the work, the more complex and interesting it became.  At first glance, Miklós estimated his collection to be somewhere around 500 pieces. But it turned out that the collection in its entirety contains 875 fine art works.

To the great delight of Miklós, many long forgotten pieces were found in his New York apartment! In such cases, Miklós recalled his personal stories about the relevant artist and her or his exhibitions.

Though there was plenty of excitement for other reasons, this is how the digitization of his collection became an exceptionally exciting task for us. In addition to the excellent art works, we had a chance to get to know how connections between artist and collector can shape a collection.

On the following pages, please read memories of his apartment with its rich collections by Miklós's friends. These greetings were specially written for this digital catalogue. Then take a look at the digital collection of Miklós Müller and Jan S. Keithly and enjoy it!

Krisztián Fonyódi
MúzeumDigitár - Project Manager